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What to expect

Loads of fun, exercise (sorry!) and a new way to see the city. We will also throw in some dodgy tunes if you haven’t got your own.


Minimum of 6 people, maximum of 11 however, we can accommodate larger groups, just give us a call! All riders wishing to consume alcohol must provide valid ID. We advise everyone coming on to wear flat shoes, as although this is designed to be fun it can be hard work (and we don’t anyone complaining about their high heels now do we?). Bags, coats, heels and anything else can be stored in the rack under the roof. We try to be as family friendly as possible here, however we are riding a massive bike on busy roads. So anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and anyone under the height of 5 foot may struggle to cycle on the bike at all. Please measure all of your group’s participants before getting on board (we have a tape measure if needed).


We aim for our standard tour to be one hour long. If you are an Olympic cycling team this may be less, if you skip leg day this may be more. Also this depends on how many pub/toilet stops you need.


Each tour covers roughly 3 miles, again depending on breaks and bar/toilet stops. There are some minor inclines (which may be tough) and declines (which are great).


To book with us a 100{0f905bff46dc5ae5c6d334f9ebdd6d28f1f76afb021f15e530bc6ad03cb12ffa} payment must be made at the point of booking. If you need to cancel or change a booking for whatever reason it’s very simple, just give us a call. Any cancellation made more than 30 days in advance can claim a full refund or pick a time in the next 60 days to re-book. Cancellations made between 14-29 days prior can be refunded 50{0f905bff46dc5ae5c6d334f9ebdd6d28f1f76afb021f15e530bc6ad03cb12ffa} of their booking fee or re-book in the next 60 days. Anything cancelled within 13 days of the tour date cannot be re-booked and will not receive any refund.


Anything you wish to consume on board you must supply yourself


Pedal Dogs operate an ‘unless its so windy you can barely stand up we carry on’ rule. Only in the most adverse of conditions will we cancel. If this is the case we will give as much notice as possible. We do supply waterproof ponchos for when the sky starts crying but we don’t let this take the smiles off our faces.


Pick up & drop off point will be outside The North Laine pub, postcode BN1 4AA –

Incorporating Victoria Gardens, The Royal Pavilion, The Brighton Dome, loads of sea views and Brighton Pier.

Both routes pass a few optional stop-offs for additional refreshments or bladder evacuations when needed.


All riders must read, sign and adhere to a Pedal Dogs waiver and a Pedal Dogs terms and conditions form prior to climbing aboard. This is a legal requirement for everyone wishing to be on board. Also all riders must attend a short safety briefing given at the start of each tour.

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