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Pedal Dogs was founded in 2017 as we wanted to give you a new way of seeing a city whilst having fun and, dare we say it, exercising.

We want to create something unique and fun. Pedal Dogs offers this in abundance. On board the bike up to 11 people can pedal the streets of Brighton seeing the sights or pop on some tunes and impress the public with singing and dance moves.

The bike itself is very heavy, so requires at least 6 peddlers at all times and can move at speeds of up to 15 mph.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch – click here

“Hilarious! Disco bike tour with 8 of us. Tom and Corrie are great (not so good at singing) and entertained from start to finish!
A must do in Brighton!!!”

William Dear, Facebook


We would also like to offer our thanks to a few people, without whom we wouldn’t be partying around the streets with you. Firstly, Duncan Blinkhorn and the volunteer team at Bike Hub who have been incredibly helpful with getting us set up. Please feel free to check out their website at some of the great work they do within the community. They’re also worth a visit to have a wander around and potentially get your bike fixed.

Also thanks to Old Tree and Wood Store at Field for being our guinea pigs and helping us set up.

“Amazing day out!! Really enjoyed the challenges, dance offs and breaks in between. Fully if laugh giggles and plenty of waves (plus alcohol). Thank you all for such a great time.”

Sheryl Slade, Facebook

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